Are you interested in building your dream home in Cincinnati, OH? If so, you may have heard about Homearama, the biggest annual luxury home showcase in the area. The event is one of the hottest in the home construction industry and one of the best opportunities to build a custom home and reap numerous benefits while doing so. 

The HBA of Greater Cincinnati has selected Parkside Estates at Coldstream located in Anderson Township for the site of the 58th Homearama. As one of the premier participating home builders, Redknot Homes is proud to build Homearama Homes in one of the most sought after developments in the area. Let’s take a look at some of the perks Parkside Estates offers its residents. 


Why Build a Custom Home in Parkside Estates?


Beautiful Wooded Lots

Parkside estates boasts half to one-acre wooded lots where homeowners can enjoy a tranquil setting filled with natural beauty. The community is surrounded by 100 acres of conservation area ensuring plenty of privacy and peace. 


Highly Rated School District

Homes in Parkside Estates are located in the prestigious Forest Hills School District. Founded in 1890, Forest Hills boasts an impressive history of academic excellence. The district consists of one new and eight renovated neighborhood schools, most within walking distance of homes in the area. With over 160 high school course offerings, 23 advanced placement courses, and various global language classes, Forest Hills students are among the most prepared in all of Cincinnati for rigorous college and career opportunities.


Convenient Location

Downtown Cincinnati

Parkside Estates is conveniently located close to I-275 on the east side of the Ohio Kentucky River, making a trip to downtown Cincinnati quick and easy. Typically it takes about 20 minutes via highway with no traffic. 

Enjoying the Outdoors

Parkside Estates is close to Coldstream Country Club. Coldstream is one of Cincinnati’s premier private clubs situated on 190 idyllic acres in the Cincinnati countryside with one of it’s prize amenities being an elite, championship 18-hole golf course. Other features include an updated clubhouse, olympic-sized swimming pool complex, four tennis courts, and many family activities.

Other nearby outdoor activities include The Vineyard Golf Course, Woodland Mound Park, and several other parks. 

Lunken & CVG Airports

Parkside Estates is a 15 minute drive to Lunken Airport and 25 minutes to CVG, making the location very appealing to those who travel for work or leisure often. 

Shopping and Entertainment Venues

Finally, Parkside Estates is near many shopping venues including Anderson Town Center, EastGate Mall and Jungle Jim’s. The Coney Island Park, Belterra Park, Parky’s Wetland Adventures and Riverbend Music Center are 10 minutes or less from the community, providing tons of unique adult and family activities. 


Rich Historic Charm

History of Anderson Township

Founded in 1793, Anderson Township was the 5th township in Hamilton County. The first settlement was believed to be located near the Little Miami River as pioneers moved west from Green County, Pennsylvania. Dwellings in the area sprang up in the early 1800s along the river since the wooded hilltops did not provide adequate terrain for settlements. 


Growth in the township today occurred through farming outposts such as Forestville, Sweetwine, Fruit Hill, and Cherry Grove. However, Anderson Township remained fairly undeveloped until after the development of the Beechmont Levee and I-275 and I-471 following World War II. Even as development has slowed in the last few years, Anderson Township still maintains around 100 new housing starts each year, along with a steady stream of commercial developments.


3 Major Benefits of Building in Homearama 2021

Homearama 2021 is sure to be just as lucrative to participants as ever and it is coming to Parkside Estates in Anderson Township. The 58th annual luxury home showcase will be held in Summer of 2021 with 48 homes available in Parkside Estates in a variety of architectural styles. Along with the exceptional location and setting that Parkside Estates offers, there are several other benefits to building a home at Homearama that homeowners can take advantage of. 


Cost Savings 

The biggest benefit of building a Homearama home at Parkside Estates is the cost savings. Homearama offers some of the most beautiful homes in the area with prices typically starting at $1 million. But while these homes certainly offer the finest finishes and designs on the market, homeowners are able to take advantage of upgrades at no additional cost. Some homeowners can even save over $150K in finishes! 


Fast Building Timeline

While designing and building a custom home can sometimes take over a year to complete, building a home at Homearama is much quicker. Homes are built on a fixed timeline of 6-7 months, making it the perfect choice for those that would like or need to move within the year. 


Access to the Hottest Home Designs

At Homearama 2021, you will be able to work with the best designers and finish providers in the industry. Even better, they will showcase their best work and products at a discounted cost! This means you can get the most luxurious, custom features at a fraction of the price. 


Building in Parkside Estates

With so many benefits to building at Homearama 2021, it is imperative to select the best home builder for your Parkside Estates home. Here at Redknot Homes, we offer customer service and expertise unmatched by any other. With over 30 years of home design experience, strong relationships with local vendors, and specialized skill in building on multiple terrains (including hillside), we are able to efficiently deliver high-quality homes that will last a lifetime. Contact us if you are interested in building a custom Homearama home in Parkside Estates.